A table of cats



Yes, it’s a table of cats – pictured at the edge of the butchery area in Kolkata’s New Market.


These adorable little fluffy creatures were enjoying a snooze, presumably after they’d gorged themselves stupid on raw, glistening goats’ entrails and chickens’ viscera – dumped on the floor, amid viscous pools of hot, stinking blood, after being scooped out of the carcasses of animals that’d recently perished, in agony and terror, on the butchery area’s killing slabs.


And when these purring balls of fun and loveliness revived from their slumbers, what would they do?  Why, they’d no doubt descend onto that floor and, amid the blood-pools, stuff their furry whiskered faces again with more goats’ entrails and more chicken’s viscera.


Aw!  Aren’t cats cute?


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