A message from Paris


From www.tumblir.com


This slogan inside the gorgeous Shakespeare and Co Bookstore on Paris’s Rue de la Bûcherie is one people should bear in mind as they begin to recover their wits and react to the terror attacks that decimated the French capital last night.


Supposedly, while the security services closed the city down for fear of further attacks, the bookstore became a refuge and twenty-or-so people found themselves holed up inside it for the night: http://www.adweek.com/galleycat/shakespeare-co-acts-is-safe-haven-in-paris-tonight/112568.


Shakespeare and Co is, of course, the sort of stronghold of intelligence, learning, culture, science, philosophy and creativity that ISIS, were they ever in control, would shut down immediately.  I’m sure they’d drag its many thousands of books out into the street, build them into a pyre, drench them in gasoline and set them alight – probably adorning the top of the burning pyre with that banner and its message of liberal neighbourliness and decency.  Then they’d blow the venerable old shop building itself to bits.


Which makes it all the more important for the world to stay sane and civil and respond to last night’s events as rational human beings, not as arseholes.  Leave being arseholes to ISIS.


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