Favourite places in Tunis 6: Sidi Bou Said Hotel



I’ve waxed lyrically before about the jasmine-bedecked, blue-and-white-painted gorgeousness of the village from which the Sidi Bou Said Hotel takes its name.  However, this hotel isn’t actually in Sidi Bou Said – it’s about a kilometre north of it on the Avenue Sidi Dhrif, the hill-road that links the village with the further-north suburb of La Marsa.  The hotel is on the downward side of the hill going from Sidi Bou Said, but not too far down, which means you get some extensive views of La Marsa and its environs from the hotel-terrace.



It’s just as well you have those views to keep you occupied because any time I’ve been on the terrace, service there has been slow.  However, the restaurant upstairs (next to a first-floor swimming pool) is agreeable enough and, since the place is licenced, it makes an agreeable stop for a beer if you’re attempting the scenic walk from Sidi Bou Said to La Marsa.